Human Equation

Betina Huber
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I was born and raised in Denmark, but for the past 10 years I have lived and worked on the magical Island of Öland in Sweden. It is here I have found myself, and my connection to nature and life. My passion for biology, nature and history is more and more woven into my artwork and I am growing tremendously as an artist - here in the middle of ancient stone monuments, fossils and a unique landscape.
I use the glass I create, as my canvas - where I translate my thoughts and feelings into a visual language that I carve into the glass, by sandblasting the surface. I work with different layers of color in my pieces, and often with more layers of meaning and symbols as well.
Interior lighting and unique glasslamps for private homes and public places are also something I enjoy working with.


1979: Born in Odense, Denmark

1997: Odense Art school
1998: Holbäk Art school
1999-2000: Burren College of Art, Ireland
2002-2003: Marbella Design Academy, Spain
2003-2005: The Royal Danish School of Design, Copenhagen
2005-2006: Orrefors Glass school, Sweden
2006-2007: The Royal Danish School of Design, Copenhagen
2007-2008: Pukeberg Design school, Sweden
2008-2010: The Royal Danish School of Design, Copenhagen
2000-2007: Co-worker in Gallerie Rasmus Odense & Copenhagen, Denmark
2010: Living/Working on Öland
2013: New Studio/Gallery: The Glass BOX 


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