Karl Magnus Nilsson


My name is Karl Magnus Nilsson, born in Sweden in 1977. I work as a glass sculptor, based in Malmö. In my artistic work I often take items out of their natural context and put them in new contexts to create new and interesting stories.
The combinations of different items create new images and associations for the viewer.
My work can be seen as three-dimensional collage, where I experiment with creating new understandings of how the world might look like.
It’s what happens in the encounter between different objects and phenomena that I think is exciting to work with.
It is important to me to be honest to the material and to the creative process. For me, it is important to mix both seriousness and humor in my creation.
I often get my inspiration from historical, scientific, and social contexts. Something that I often return to is the curiosity cabinet and museum collections. Where collections of rarities and exotica stimulates my creative work.
I like to create an image of my world within four walls that inspires the viewer and arouse questions.

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