Bild från min utställning "mountains" på Sintra i Göteborg, pågår mellan 22 september-10 october.

Rosita Ståhl


2006-2009 Glas og keramikskolen, Bornholm, Danmark.

2002-2006 Orrefors glasskola.



2014 Amy Rueffert, Mixed media, Pilchuck Glass School, USA

2013 Pino Signoretto, Hot glass sculpting, Pilchuck glass School, USA

2012 De La Torre Brothers, Hot glass sculpting/mixed media, Pilchuck glass School, USA

2011 Ross Richmond, Hot glass sculpting- In the details, Pilchuck glass School, USA

2010 Karen Willenbrink & Jasen Johnsen, Hot glass sculpting, Pilchuck glass School, USA

2009 Rob Stern, Site specific, Pilchuck glass School, USA

2008 Pilchuck Poleturner. Design- Beekingdom

Du kan köpa mitt glas på Sintra i Göteborg eller genom att kontakta mig!

You can buy my work at:
  • Sintra, Gothenburg, (
  • Contact me at facebook  -  ros.ita

Artist Statement

After studying at Orrefors glass School, Rosita Ståhl moved to Bornholm, Denmark, where she focused on the qualities of glass forms and decorative elements.

She takes elements from nature and botany and develops them into her own expressions in glass.

Both simple and complex concepts are important for the decoration and form of her pieces. Rosita works with contrasts such as coarse/fine and fragile/strong, relative to the finished expression of the inner and outer forms.




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